Opportunities for Partners

  • Affiliation with art activists and causes.
  • Ability to co-brand with Art For Your Cause on art related products.
  • Opportunities to fundraise on Create For Your Cause peer to peer platform.
  • Highlighting collections in public spaces, museums, galleries, collectors forging alliances by featuring a nonprofit.


Are You An Artist?

Gain exposure and bring awareness to a cause you care about by being featured in one of our episodes!

Meet the Host: Ashley Berges

Syndicated talk show host of Live Your True Life Perspectives, CEO perspectives coach, professional therapist, creator and host of The Celebrity Perspective, keynote speaker, contemporary philosopher, writer of truth, and the creator of the Live Your True Life workshop and book series. Ashley’s latest book, “The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life” is the guidebook for busy people who want to make valuable changes to their life.

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